We're very happy with our collaboration with solutions.io. Since we started working together we achieved great ongoing results and optimizations. They integrated smoothly with our marketing and design teams from the very start, working collaboratively to make our site better.
Szymon Soltysiak - Head of Engineering
Large scale WordPress development

Website relaunch and maintenance

The client and the challenge

Zenhomes is a growing company based out of Berlin, building software for property owners to help manage their objects. They reached out for specialized support in managing and rebuilding their current website to better fit their expanding objectives. As part of their growth there was a special request for flexible support from our end.

The project

From the start of the project we dove right in, taking over and maintaining the existing code base while working on an extensive redesign. Together with the existing marketing and design teams we developed an efficient way of collaborating, taking over the role an internal developer WordPress would have. As part of our involvement we helped setup a high availability hosting solution capable of handling large amounts of traffic while staying fast, implemented SEO best practices and tag manager setup together with the marketing team, and made sure they have flexibility to manage and extend the content themselves through our custom page builder.

Selected works

Website relaunch

Custom WordPress development Web development

Rental e-commerce platform

Effectively bridging platforms E-commerce, Web development