“Legacy code”

Many organizations are depending on (by now) outdated software. Replacing or upgrading this software often times turns into expensive long term projects, and in many cases the original provider that developed the software is no longer reachable or knowledge has been lost over time. We have experience in maintaining and extending this so called “legacy code” and gladly think with you to provide creative solutions for existing challenges. Besides maintenance and support we also gladly support in documenting changes and the old code bases themselves so the knowledge can be secured inside your organization.

Our languages

  • PHP 4, 5.6
  • Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C#

Plan an introduction


We are happy to take a look at the current status of the code. Are there any acute problems? What technology has been used? How to proceed now? This is an important step in the process where we see if we are a match.

Documentation and roadmap

During introductions, pain points often surface. Together we make a plan on how to address them, and develop a roadmap with planning for future collaboration.

Summary and agreement

We walk through all the plans one more time, gather the last information we need and make sure everything is ready to start the work.

Start development

After we have worked out all the details, we are ready to get started! Our project managers and programmers now have all the information to manage the project and you don't have to worry anymore.