Custom WordPress development

Website relaunch

The client

Tools4ever, a leading technology company, approached with a challenge: to enhance their website’s functionality and replace old licensed CMS software. The ideal solution would not only cut expenses but also provide them with a dynamic, user-friendly, and feature-rich website.

Key Solutions Delivered

Migration to Open Source WordPress Framework: we migrated Tools4ever’s websites from a proprietary CMS to the open-source WordPress framework.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: we ensured seamless operations by providing continuous support and maintenance services. Our team maintains the security and functions of the website, ensuring it’s smooth functioning.

Integration with GitHub for Technical Documentation: We developed a custom integration to connect the various documentation files in the code repositories with the website. This integration enables the automatic loading and updating of technical documentation with the help of GraphQL. Simplifying access to essential information for both internal teams and clients.

Collaborative Redesign Efforts: we collaborated closely with Tools4ever’s marketing team to relaunch the website. This redesign effort was aimed at improving the user experience, implementing modern design elements, and ensuring the website’s alignment with Tools4ever’s branding strategy. The result is a visually appealing, intuitive website that is easy to use for visitors and the marketing team.


Combined with our expertise Tools4ever saved substantial costs through the migration to open-source technology and also gained a feature-rich website that is easy to maintain and will operate for the years to come. The integration with GitHub streamlined their technical documentation processes, providing a comprehensive site for their clients and stakeholders. The collaborative redesign efforts further enhanced their brand image and user engagement.

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