Verouderde software onderhouden

Maintain or rebuild outdated software?

Maintaining old PHP software can be challenging. Many organizations face the dilemma of whether or not to maintain outdated software or rebuild it. Especially if the software in question has been in use for many years and the technology has changed significantly since then.  Often conflicting advice is given or, it is recommended to scrap […]
Read more at Web Summit 2023

We are happy to announce that will be present in November at Web Summit. We look forward to meet anyone there interested in speaking to us and getting to know other companies and projects.
Read more joins the Alliance for Cyber Security

01/04/2022 is proud to announce that we have joined the German Alliance for Cyber Security. This is a group of leading companies, organizations, and experts in the field of cyber security who have come together to promote best practices and standards for protecting against cyber threats. As a provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, is […]
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