Effectively bridging platforms

Rental e-commerce platform

The client and the challenge

Ocean Premium provides a rental platform for water toys. The platform is used by yacht charters and owners around the world. They have warehouses in 57 locations all over the world and developed a complex platform to manage their bookings and easy distribution of rental products.

We have implemented massive improvements throughout the website and wrote custom integrations to seamlessly bridge between the custom-developed rental platform and the website. The result is a large website with a pleasant brand new look, tailored to the specific audience of the client. We updated the entire design and provided UII/UX services.

The project

For our client we developed a custom integration between the website and the booking platform. A site visitor can run availability checkers and water toy selection from start to finish. The integration of the custom code is kept as flexible as possible so that changes can be easily made by the client’s content editing team without involving a developer for every change. The whole project was realized in close collaboration with the development team implementing the underlying platform and the designers.

Besides the technical implementation, we also keep a close eye on the speed of the website, taking care to keep conversion rates as high as possible. In addition, we consulted and supported with implementing best practices inside the code base and running ongoing search engine optimizations for maximum impact.

Technologies used

The website has been built with PHP on WordPress. The website theme has been custom developed with the help of REST APIs, Slack webhooks and follows WordPress best practices and standards. Together with our hosting partner Code Capsules, we deployed the entire system on a highly scalable Kubernetes cluster.

Technologies we use

APIsCode CapsulesNode.jsPHPSlack

Selected works

Website relaunch

Custom WordPress development Web development

Blockchain technology

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