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The client and the challenge

Regelzorg is the biggest facilitator and booking platform of medical checks mandatory to renew drivers licenses in the Netherlands. They were the first to perfect the online booking process and after 15 years in business, they are now the leading provider – always striving to improve their platform.

We were approached at the height of the corona pandemic in 2020. Help was required to take over the development of the existing software. The chaos caused by the pandemic added several complexities to the normal booking process and quick action was required to make sure the business could continue running as smooth as possible.

The project

The client’s primary target audience are seniors. This adds the nowadays odd challenge that their users often do not have an email address or have trouble with online booking processes. To address this, we take extra care to keep the process as inclusive and accessible as possible. Our software handles client communication and offers easy scheduling options for doctors.

During the time we worked together, we have improved many processes on the platform, for example, order automation of required documents and introduction of online payments. As part of a marketing campaign, we implemented functionalities to increase online ratings, introduced trust elements and work with the marketing team to improve search rankings.

We work in close collaboration with the Regelzorg team and make sure their business runs effortlessly.

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