We have already been working together successfully since 2019. solutions.io manages our website and has designed and created a complete web platform for us with user login and email dispatch. Even for small changes, solutions.io is immediately available. The implementation takes place immediately. We are also looking forward to further cooperation. Many thanks!
Lucas Engelage - CMO
Modernizing preventive medicine

Digital Health platform

The client and the challenge

Together with our client we developed a modern digital health platform. The ALTA Klinik is one of the leading providers of health care for prostate diagnostics in Germany. They are creating and using cutting-edge technologies to help patients, and are always looking for innovative ways to improve patient care.

We have supported the team of the clinic with improvements and automation since 2019. Recently, we collaborated on developing a patient platform that provides easy-to-use prostate cancer test kits to patients. There we implemented a fluent integration between the client and the lab analyzing the results.

The project

Together with our client and their partner laboratory we came up with a secure and easy way to structure the user experience from start to finish. By developing a new and innovative platform from scratch we had the opportunity to combine our experience within both the healthcare and e-commerce fields. From ordering of test kits to payments, processing and shipping and by providing a way to retrieve test results from the lab in a secure and safe way, we handled the development of the whole platform. The platform saves the clinic staff a significant time to process patients and distribute test results.

Selected works

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