Modernizing Business Processes

Client Introduction

Our client BITEG, or Bildungs- und Technologiegesellschaft is specializing in the organization and execution of training events, primarily for the public sector, BITEG has successfully trained nearly 130,000 participants nationwide. Annually they organize over 1,000 seminars, workshops, courses, and in-house training sessions, collaborating with around 130 instructors.

Project Overview

BITEG was relying on an old custom software to manage many of their business processes. This software, developed years ago, was maintained by a developer who is no longer available. BITEG needed to modernize the application to ensure its longevity and scalability for future expansions.

What We Built

We developed a new database based on modern technologies with an interface that closely resembled their old familiar system, ensuring a smooth transition for their team. The main focus ruring development was to rework the existing features. While doing so, we also automated several manual processes, including:

  • Invoice and Participant Certificate Creation: Automated generation of invoices and participant certificates.
  • Publication of New Seminar Dates: Automated the publication of new seminar dates on their website.
  • Enhanced Communication: Developed better communication integrations between BITEG and their clients.

These improvements streamlined BITEG’s operations, reduced manual workload, and improved overall efficiency.

Technologies Used

  • Frontend: React.js
  • Backend: Strapi CMS
  • API: REST API for publishing posts to the website
  • Integration: Seamless integration with their website and custom marketing tools


By modernizing BITEG’s software and automating key processes, we significantly improved their operational efficiency and enabled better client communication. The new system is scalable and ready for future expansions, ensuring BITEG can continue to provide high-quality training services effectively.

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