Development services

We are proficient in a multitude of programming languages and frameworks. Some are outlined here, many more are in our heads, and the list keeps updating almost on a daily basis. Our focus is on PHP focused platforms, extended with modern JS frameworks like Vue and React.

Not technical yourself? No problem! We pride ourselves on our ability to speak human. We’re capable of figuring out what you currently have, need, and probably want.

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Maintenance and support

Next to developing from scratch we also offer support on legacy code (older versions of PHP included), and help you maintain your abandoned projects. Old code is (usually) not a problem, and we happily give your software some love. Keep in mind here that the long term goal often is to upgrade or replace outdated and vurnarable software.

Concepts and integration

Besides just working on code we are also strong partners on development of new concepts or expanding your business idea. Examples are configuring marketing tools like Google Analytics or Matamo, OneSignal, newsletter software, or building and configuring chatbot and helpdesk software. Write us for more specific usecases and examples.

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Managed infrastructure

Besides building your software we are also proficient at giving it a good home. Nobody wants to deal with server downtime and other inconveniences. We offer a managed solution to ensure your software never goes down.

Questions? Looking for support with your next project? Or just want to have a cup of coffee? Contact us! / +31 (0) 20 3697992