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Startup MVP development

The client

Our client based in Germany developed a proven method to measure and improve leadership culture inside organizations. Together with them we developed an MVP and later a first version of their platform. Our team handled the entire development cycle, and provided product management support. The result: the first launch of the Veemind Enterprise edition.

The MVP development

As part of the project we evaluated several technologies to see which would be the best fit for this use case. Eventually we went with a mix of JavaScript based technologies for the front and backend. The platform was developed, and a dashboard for statistics and incoming results was provided. A lot of thought went into the complexities of parsing incoming data, and ensuring smooth handling for the various levels of end users.

A comprehensive demo of the software and features is showcased in the video below.

Technologies used

The backend was developed with the use of the Strapi Framework. Frontend we developed with React.js. Together we built a scalable platform that will help the Veemind team grow for the foreseeable future.

Technologies we use


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