Since there are not too many people nowadays still using Fireworks this article probably won’t be too interesting for many people. I myself do like to use this piece of software for smaller design tasks, and this article is mainly intended for my own reference. Still, it seems to be a common subject so I figured why not share this too. One ‘problem’ I often have is getting images delivered (mainly website logos) in low quality jpg format with a white background. In itself not horrible, but when trying to integrate this into any webdesign or site it can be a pain to manage.

To easily remove a white background from a jpg file use the following option through the menu:

Filters > Other > Convert to Alpha

This removed any white background you have, leaving the image nice and transparent. It does turn the image to grayscale as well, a side effect I did not look for a solution for as I usually need black and white images.
When you are looking to make the logo itself transparant, and not remove the background you can use the following filter before running the Convert to Alpha option:

Filters > Adjust Color > Invert