Coworking Berlin

An overview of coworking locations in Berlin

Today (2nd November 2017) I have decided to stop supporting the coworking map/app that I originally created back in 2014, when I was a member of co.up coworking. This happens to coincide with the closing of co.up, so it seemed like a fitting time to end this project too. At it’s height there were about 250 active users, and the map itself was featured on a few places including the Berlin Coworking Festival.

After trying to maintain it for a few years it gets harder and harder to keep track of all the coworking spaces popping up (and closing) in Berlin. Unfortunately I don’t have the time anymore, and the input from other users also decreased to near zero (a warm thank you to everyone who contributed to keeping this going of course). This combined with recurring technical difficulties on the (somewhat deprecated 😉 ) codebase made me decide to invest no more time in keeping it going.

If there is anyone who is interested in taking over or helping maintain the project it would be great if you reach out! But until then, the page is no longer reachable.