“Legacy code” support

Many organizations utilize deprecated software. Replacing this kind of software is often times expensive, and in many cases the original developer(s) are no longer available to take on the job. We have plenty of experience in maintaining and extending this so called “legacy code”, and like to think of creative new ways to tackle existing challenges.

Our languages

  • PHP 4, 5.6
  • Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C#

Our process


Curing a first introduction we collaborate with you to map the current situation of the software. What is already there, what are the exact requirements, how has everything been developed, and are there any known issues?

Plan of Action

When all required information has been gathered we transform this into a concrete proposal.

This proposal allows us to plan a budget together, to avoid unwanted surprises later down the road.


Last but not least it is time for the execution. We guide the development activities and provide your organization with continuity on a cost effective manner.


During the entire process we take care to map all information, in order to make sure there will always be up-to-date technical documentation available.

Urgent? Interested?

Contact us for help. We're always happy to discuss the possibilities.